by Roger Lucey

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released January 1, 2004



all rights reserved


Roger Lucey Cape Town, South Africa

Roger Lucey (born 1954) is a musician, journalist, film maker, actor and educator who was born in South Africa

In the late '70s and early '80s his music career was destroyed by South African Special Branch, because the lyrics to Lucey's protest songs were considered a threat to the Apartheid State

With the end of Apartheid bringing freedom, Roger is again performing, with a new album in progress
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Track Name: Rewriting History (If You Don't Know Where You've Been)
Look around for the traces
Or the signs they left behind
There’s no one here who knows the faces
It’s funny how they just went blind

And the road it just gets longer
And further from our past
And our memories just get shorter
And the future comes so fast

And they say that there's no reason
To remember what we've seen
But you won’t know where you’re going to
If you don’t know where you been

So who dictates the landscape
And the picture we will see
If the money buys the whisky
Will the talk be silenced endlessly?

A nation’s strength lies in its people
And a nation’s heart is hard to hold
And the people’s stories are its history
And without a past we’ve got no soul

Like steps to the future
We tread them with caution
We stumble and stammer
As the blame is apportioned

As the wheel comes full circle
As we unravel the mystery
Selective amnesia
Is rewriting history.

I have been into the war zones
I have seen a country bleed
I've seen chains in the eyes of children
And souls of men that can't be freed

There’s no road without a story
There’s no journey that’s been in vain
There’s no peace without atonement
There’s no joy without the pain

Track Name: Come The Day
Run that by me one more time
Is it yours or is it mine
Broken circuits block the lines
Rage and storming hides the signs

Tell me once in words I'll hear
Say it simple say it clear
And as the dread of dark draws near
I'll draw the veil on my fear

Paint the picture draw the map
Could this be just one more trap
What has slipped out through the gap
As my hands lie helpless on my lap

New beginnings broken ends
Times tough passage winds and bends
We find ourselves we lose our friends
As one page starts another ends

Come the day my ship will find me
Come the day I'll stand alone
Come the day I'll leave behind me
All the days I cast in stone

I see you you see me
We both know how it's meant to be
But when it's time to plant the tree
We find out that our hearts are'nt free

Draw the water from the well
Cool my fevered heart as well
Who's the keeper of the spell
That turns my heaven into hell

Little words escape the cage
A laugh that turns to roars of rage
Like turning gears our lives engage
To play out on this darkened stage

I look into a face I know
But now that face has lost it's glow
I see eyes that I don't know
The signs of danger start to grow


I'll turn my back I'll turn my cheek
I'll turn my eyes I wont speak
In no time days become a week
I lie alone, the floorboards creak

The mists of memory cloud my mind
I clutch at straws that I find
Who's undone these ties that bind
As the fabric of our lives unwinds

Hold your hand out lift your head
Look into my eyes instead
Come back to this tortured bed
There's no return on the lives we've lead

We've played the game we've had our fun
This time it's no practise run
I look at you to see who's won
It's like like looking straight into the sun
Track Name: Could I Still Touch You
If there are moments when we lose our way
If there are times when we must hide away
And say things we didn't mean to say
Could I still touch you

If we land on a barren rocky shore
If we are bruised and we can take no more
If we ran out of strength we had in store
Could I still touch you

There's nothing left to shout about
There's nowhere left to crawl
It's all out in the open now
There's no more Berlin wall

There's nothing left to hide behind
There's nothing left to say
Thats been said so much better
Than I could ever say

If there are dreams that you just cannot share
If there are secrets that you cannot bare
If your breaks in life just dont seem fair
Could I still touch you

If I could choose another destiny
If I could live in purest harmony
I would still need to light to fire in me
I would touch you

Take me
On that highway
Take me
Home once more
Like a firelight
That loves a winter
I am on this journey
To your door

When the moon gets lost and leaves us cold
When the world gets small and we grow old
When there's nothing left that's left untold
Could I still touch you

And when the kids are all grown up and gone
And we wonder if they'll ever phone
And we sit back and think of what we've done
Could I still touch you
Track Name: Rain In Bologna
There's a light in the city that calls to your heart
Like the edge of a dream that transports you
And shadows five hundred years old that seem to whisper

And Cape Town is bowing it's head to the winter
Those storms seem so far from me now
And the hole in my heart and the memories hardly linger

The waiter is laughing at Daniel's Italian
Brendolini is ordering the wine
But the back of my mind is on fire like this little kitchen

The truth only hurts if you manage to find it
Bologna's a good place to look
All that I found was a ghost in the dusk in Bologna

As the clouds start to gather out over Ferarra
The storm in my heart starts to fade
But filled with misgiving it's time for returning
To the dry land where my beds been made
My hearts on the run and my head's in decision
Leaves me no choice but to fly
I'm boarding the plane as the rain starts to fall
In Bologna at the end of July

There's rain in Bologna
And now that I'm leaving
I leave with this rain in my heart

There's a street in Bologna where merchants once travelled
With riches and spoils of war
And the wars of the heart that I left behind in Bologna

And nights when the wine flowed like heavenly bodies
And secrets slipped out without fear
And song that just seemed to rise up from the shadows

And Nibs and Amanda are talking about Jo'burg
In that country where our dreams are held
My dreams are suspended and hang from thread like a madman’s

And nothing comes closer than a good bit of distance
To see how the limits imposed
On our lives can be lifted, I'm lost in the night in Bologna

On the road to the mountains and Santa Sofia
The storms start to darken the day
But back in my homeland the storms of our birthing
Are drifting much further away
I'd stay if I could but there's somebody calling
Leaves me no choice but to fly
I'm leaving with longing
As the rain starts to fall in Bologna at the end of July
Track Name: The Night Harry J Went To War
They say it's going to make you crazy
It blows like a mother from the east
And the wild fires spread a wild fire
They say its got the soul of a beast
And when the winter comes you brace yourself
You never get the chill from your feet
And the nights are longer than the knives of the wide boys
Hanging on the corner of the street

And dignity is hard to find
And harder to hang on to
And hope is just a state of mind you're in
And helpless is the way you feel
Facing hell and cold sharp steel
And heartless are the streets they call your home
The night Harry J went to war

Harry seemed no different
From any other man on the street
Softly spoken unassuming
Quiet and discreet
But he lived in the middle of a gangland
That was ruled by the scum of the streets
They called themselves the Hard Living Kids
They'd stick a knife in your heart without missing a beat

But there comes a time when this impotence
Starts chiselling away at your soul
And a man like Harry knows that it cant go on
And every time he dropped his eyes
Pretending that he just didn't see
Was another step closer to the edge
The night Harry J went to war

Now the cops they just seemed paralysed
Either dead scared or didn't have a care
And when the shit was going down out in the street
The only place to be was not out there
For Harry it was just a matter of time
A matter of when and how
The Hard Living Kids would push their luck too far
Cause it was running out by the hour

Then one night when the wind blew madly
On her way home work
The kids robbed and roughed up Harry's wife
And Harry knew the time had come
He had a date with destiny
This time the kids had fooled with his life
The night Harry J went to war

So Harry took a loaded shotgun
And walked into the street
He didn't have to ask directions
Or wonder who he'd meet
Before that long dark night was gone
Three Hard Living Kids lay dead
And things would change for the people there
And change the lives they lead

Then Harry gave himself in
And the Judge gave him fifteen years
But not before the story had been told
And Harry bore the burden
And he wept for what he'd done
But the hearts of a thousand victims remained cold
The night Harry J went to war

The streets where Harry's house is
Are different from before
The Hard Living Kids have moved on
They finally lost the war
But even in his prison cell
The law is deaf and blind
Cause the Kids roam free behind the prison walls
And Harry's not their kind

And the folks at home sleep easier
And anyone you meet
Will tell you Harry's name will never die
No one calls it murder
They call it cleaning up
And every man and woman knows the reason why
The night Harry J won the war
Track Name: Soft Glow Of Dreams
Deep in the night
There’s a darkness that has its own light
There’s a darkness that’s almost as bright
As the moon as it hunts through the night
And the past comes and goes from your sight
Letting go of what’s wrong or what’s right
In the soft glow of dreams,
Time moves so slow
And there’s nothing like time to capsize
Your life when you are lost in the flow
And are waiting for your star to rise
When you’re stranded with nowhere to go
Killing time, killing memories and pain
When you’re out at the end of the road
When you’re blinded by your past again
As the seeds of despair start to grow
As the night moves so slow
As your world starts to turn
As it’s core starts to glow
And your mind starts to burn
But the fire in your heart
Is as cold as a stone
And the blood in your veins
Is like cold mountain streams
And the only way home
Is in the soft glow of dreams

Deep in the night
There’s a darkness that has its own light
There’s a darkness that’s almost as bright
As the moon as it hunts through the night

It’s the place where your dreams will unfold
And the dangers of dreaming revealed
But without dreams you’re out in the cold
And the world is a bare rocky field
It’s a frontier of secrets and fears
And of warm conscious streams
It’s a home for your dreams
There’s a home for your dreams
And let the secret world grow
In the soft Glow of Dreams
Track Name: Gypsy Soul
Well it leaves your heart abandoned on the highway
And your tidy life just out of control
And there's no way home or place to hide away
When the Gypsy soul comes to stay

And there’s just no point to try and find him
The more you search the less you see
Like the fog in off the ocean
There’s no walls but you’re not free

Oh the heart is like the ocean
And there’s no shelter on the shore
And when you feel the storm approaching
The gypsy soul comes through your door


Have you seen the eyes of strangers
When there's nowhere left to hide
And the journey keeps on calling
So they hitch another ride

And there's no point and there's no reason
And there's no hope if you get called
Oh that Gypsy soul will haunt you
And the road becomes your world

And if you hold me firm and gentle
If you understand my plight
And if the light goes out inside me
Would you see me through the night

Now that feeling has come to take me
To this place I don't choose to go
So I stand here in quiet surrender
The Gypsy soul just won't let go
Track Name: Heroes
The valley is peaceful
No sign of disention or rage
Small towns like pictures
Waiting for life to engage
Homesteads and field
The sweet smell of fruit on the trees
The heat of the valley
Floats like a flame on the breeze
But hidden from view is
The hunger and death and disease
The peace in the valley
Will shatter like silence
Like a raging beast brought to it's knees

Heroes where are the heroes

The voices of power
Now sound like the fumbling of fools
Where reason is dangerous
Danger will make it's own rules
But it's all so familiar
Like a dream that you wake from in fear
And nothing is moving
And nothing is changing round here
There's a feeling of floundering
In a ship that no one can steer
And the peace in the vallley
Is broke by rumbling
As the roaring and raging draw near

The valley is peaceful
But gloom hangs like shadows and shame
And no one believes in the talk
Or the terms of the game
And the Heroes sit pretty
They close their ranks and their eyes
And it's only beginnig
As the flame of the ideal dies
And the mothers sit helpless
As the night fills with darkness and cries
And the peace in the valley
Will burst like a drumbeat
As the next wave of heroes arrive
Track Name: Running For Cover
Running blind headlong into the eye of the night
Knowing I'll be alright I can survive till tomorrow
But the flashes of life have me running for cover in pure fright
Comes a time about three in the morming the cracks start to show

When the devil comes out of his hole
When the devil comes round for your soul
And the silence is shattered
Your senses are battered
And your hearts on the midnight patrol

Hold this stranger tonight
I'm running for cover

Where is the reason in saying the things that I'm saying
I hear my voice but it has a life all of it's own
Like a prisoner of conscience I'm locked in a game I'm not playing
Like a prisoner of war I'm defenceless and faceless as stone

I'm a prisoner without any chains
I'm calling out to you again
And if you can reach me
Please wont you teach me
To live with my scars and my stains


Like a battle scared soldier I carry my pride like a flag
While under the surface I know that I'm battered and reeling
And I wait and you wait and watch as the hours just drag
While all that it takes is a touch for the wounds to start healing

I'm waiting for you in this black night
It's you that can bring back the light
And if you can hold me like a lover and infold me
And tell me that we'll be allright

Track Name: I.C.U
I see you with eyes once filled with fury
I see you with eyes once filled with fear
I see with eyes once dark as thunder
I look for you with eyes that are now clear

I see you when I least expect the moment
I see you when I'm lost inside my head
I see you when the winter comes to tease me
I look for you when a part of me is dead

I see you in the shadows
I see you in my mind
I lose my mind in the shadows
But the shadows just don't seem to mind

I see you rolling with the laughter
I see you reeling from the blows
I see you riding on the high wind
I look for you in a place nobody goes

I see you walking to the future
I see you in the arms of destiny
I see you just hoping that you'll notice
How I feel for you with insensitivity

I see you when my visions filled with danger
I see you when my head can't stand the heat
I see you when my life's that of a stranger
I look for you in that far off place we meet

I see you and the secrets that we gather
I see you walking to your destiny
I see you in a place I'll keep forever
And I feel for you with insensitivity
Track Name: I'm Alright Now
Memories hang like spiders
Suspended in thin air
Strangers faces fill my nights
The dreams go wild out there

Like a runaway
On a desert island
Like a runaway
On a desert island
I'm a runaway
On a tiny island

Once upon a time I was a stranger
Caught between fiction and truth
And I saw a world that was stranger
Than the real world and twice as uncouth
For a while I hung in the balance
In the half world elusive as truth

Well there's no real world
It's your own world
You are the real world
You are the real world

Once upon a time there was a stranger
And he ruled the land with an iron fist
Like a dark force in some children's story
He'd hold up the world and he'd insist
That the world he made was the real world
And millions followed like flies
For millions his world became their world
It's like when you start believing your own lies

And it's so easy
To deceive
And it's so easy
To believe
But it's alright now
Oh yes, it's alright now

As the sun goes down like the vanquished
In some unholy game
And the moon calls the lovers
And the moon calls my name
And the night brings the comfort
And the night brings the pain
And the stars they warm my body
And the stars they calm my brain
And the river flows right through me
And the river heals the pain
That the darkness marked my heart with
But that won't happen to me again

Like a runaway
Like a runaway
Like a runaway
I won't get lost again
And I'm alright now
Oh yes, I'm okay
Oh yes, I'm okay
Oh yes, I'm okay
Oh yes, I'm okay
And I'm okay
Oh, I'm okay
Yes, I'm okay
Yes, I'm okay
Track Name: Time To Go
When the moon shows signs of danger in your stars
And when your heart is hung out like a skin to dry
And when all that’s left is nothing
In the place once filled with loving
And if I say that’s just life well that’s a lie

Well you know that there’s a demon in my heart
And you’ve seen the way my soul can slowly die
But you’ve seen it all before
Like a blood stain on your floor
But in your heart you can’t say that I didn’t try

From this silent field of battle
From the comfort of alone
Everything makes perfect sense
Though everything has turned to stone

And there’s nothing quite as empty
As the last stop on the line
And when there’s nothing left to say
And all the colours gone away
You walk the only road you know
I waIk the road that’s mine

Well the words you said were clear enough at the time
And I know that you must think that I’m half blind
And when you said it couldn’t be
How was I supposed to see
The words you said were so far from your mind.

There’s a big old moon out on the hills tonight
And it shines into my memory’s darkened door
And the taste that’s left is almost sweet
Now that I’ve got back on my feet
And the images are too strong to ignore

From this silent field of battle
I battle all alone
And in the crazy light of moon
The shadows of my memory roam

And there’s nothing quite as lonely
As the last stop on the line
And when there’s nothing left to say
And the all the hope has gone away
You walk the only road you know
I walk the road that’s mine

And as the darkness turns to danger something dies
The night becomes so long you want to cry
The words turn into muddy tracks
And finally we both turn our backs
When there’s nothing left to say
Say goodbye

There’s a quiet moon on the battlefield tonight
And the time has come to put my heart at ease
And all the words still left to say
That now won’t see the light of day
Are like silent ghosts just drifting through the trees

So when all is said and done where do we stand
When we finally reach the last stop on the line
The road ahead is like a mystery
Like a night that’s black and blustery
And the blood stain on the floor looks just like mine

From this silent field of battle
From the comfort of alone
Nothing more makes any sense
And everything has turned to stone

And there’s nothing quite as empty
As the last stop on the line
And when there’s nothing left to say
And all the colours gone away
You walk the only road you know
I waIk the road that’s mine